Best Houston Marijuana Lawyer

Who Is The Best Marijuana Lawyer in Houston, TX?

The so called “war on drugs” continues to unfairly target minorities and economically challenged citizens of the Houston area. Here at SMS Prodigy Legal Blog, we like to play our part.

Of course, we support and defend the laws of Texas and the USA. However, we like to keep our readers informed and have compiled a list of Houston’s top Marijuana Lawyers.

**Please note that this list is simply our opinion, and we believe that there are many fine Houston criminal defense attorneys who are not included for the sake of Brevity.**

Top Houston Marijuana Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • The Law Office of Daniel Lazarine: (713) 224-4000 – Mr. Lazarine provides competent and expert legal defense to the citizens of Houston who have been charged with a drug crime. Here is a quick excerpt from his website:

If you are facing a criminal charge, this isn’t a time for lectures or “what if” scenarios. This is a time for decisive action without personal judgment. Please note that a charge isn’t a conviction in a criminal defense case, and even a conviction isn’t an indication of guilt. Mr. Lazarine believes that every person facing a charge deserves legal representation and that the attorney representing you should do so without casting personal judgment. —http://www.lazarinelaw.com/houston-criminal-defense-attorney/marijuana-crimes/

  • small picture of houston marijuana lawyerThe Law Practice of Shamim Ebrahimi: Attorney Ebrahimi has proven to be great at formulating your best legal defense against marijuana allegations.

Here is an excerpt from his website:

Houston drug charge lawyer Shamim Ebrahimi aggressively protects the rights of Texas residents against cases involving controlled substances. If a client is in custody, then the first step is to arrange a bail hearing or to obtain a “PR Bond” aka personal recognizance release. Shamim will then immediately begin your defense. It is not uncommon for an arresting officer to violate one’s constitutional rights during a drug arrest. —https://www.lpse-criminal.com/houston-drug-charge-lawyer/

  • Matt Horak, Attorney at Law: Mr. Horak has the experience and legal acument necessary to defend your constitutional rights against the Texas Criminal Justice System. You can visit his website:

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit substance in Texas and throughout the United States. The use of Marijuana is portrayed all over the media – in music videos, on television, and in the movies. Many people assume that marijuana-related criminal charges are not as serious other drug charges. However, if you are arrested for possessing or distributing marijuana in Texas, you could face very serious consequences. —http://www.matthoraklaw.com/CriminalDefense/MarijuanaCharges.aspx

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Where To Find A Divorce Lawyer In Miami

Divorce Attorney Miami – Divorce Lawyers in Miami. Marriages are a part of every ones lives and now as time is changing divorces have become even more common. Be it any part of the world or a small city like Hialeah, a city in Miami, everyone has a right to move out if the marriage is not working, the law states it. There are many divorce lawyers in Hialeah and some are very famous for getting the right verdict for you, so that you and the other person both benefit. The divorce attorney should be chosen correctly and you should know everything about it.

Many people Google it or search for the divorce lawyers in Hialeah but don’t know exactly where to look. Firstly, you can start looking in your local telephone book under the heading of attorney; but remember he/she should have the divorce qualifications not just any lawyer will do. You can even talk to some friends to search out some lawyers for you or you can search it on internet; belonging to a good law firm. Your next step will be to talk to the lawyer on phone about the experience he/she has, the fees they will charge per hearing or consultation (make sure it is affordable). Next, fix a face to face interview to know more about the lawyer you have marked and find out for how long has he been a divorce attorney in Hialeah. Research on the type of questions you have to ask him. Also make sure that he doesn’t pass your case down to some junior and that he has full confidence in you. Don’t hurry up in signing the agreement; take your own time in reading after you are satisfied with the attorney and the fees he is charging.

Another major requirement you have to check in a divorce attorney in Hialeah is to check his qualifications. Firstly, check the time he/she has spent as a family lawyer or divorce layer while practicing. Secondly, you should check his years of experience and his legal certificates; if he/she is genuine he/she won’t mind. Third, check his law education proof, the lawyer may or may not carry it, and those who don’t have it are not qualified. Last, check his membership in any of the law firms, it should be a big and reputed firm.

As informed before, the questions should be set and listed before setting up the meeting with the divorce lawyer in Hialeah. You should ask intelligent questions and almost everything about his experience first and the cases he has handled till yet. Next start by telling your point and question him about the custody of property and the money you should get.

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